The welfare of our rabbits has always been of tremendous importance to us. Over the years, Lonki has always been the pioneer in animal-friendly rabbit farming. Since 2009, rabbit farming in Belgium and the Netherlands has systematically evolved to the more animal-friendly ‘park housing’ specifications.

The ‘park housing’ rabbit was largely developed by Lonki into a form of housing that is seen throughout Europe as a possible future minimum standard.

The breeding system is regulated by law (RD 29 June 2014) and is additionally guaranteed by the ‘PARKKONIJN’ label.

‘Park housing’ rabbits live in groups and a lot of animal-friendly measures have been taken:

  • Rabbits have significantly more space available
  • Gnawing material available
  • Extra roughage: hay or straw
  • Floor consists of plastic
  • Shelter: tubes and springboard
  • Parks have no height restrictions
  • Rabbits can stretch out, hop around, stand upright, jump and play
Park housing rabbit - Lonki Food Group

Park rabbits exude calmness and health, resulting in an even better piece of quality meat.

On top of this, rabbit is one of the healthiest meats:

  • Extremely low in fat, cholesterol and calories
  • Easily digestible and exceptionally tender
  • Ideal for all cooking techniques, even barbecue
  • Deliciously tasty!

Fresh rabbit

As a basic product, Lonki offers fresh rabbit in its most diverse forms.

A selection from our fresh range for retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers:

  • Whole rabbit or cut rabbit
  • Rabbit parts: backs, legs, shoulders, fillets, chops, meat for processing,…
  • Specialties, marinated or not
  • Prepared meals

Frozen rabbit

Lonki has a wide range of frozen rabbit products.

Thanks to our high-quality products, our wide range of packaging options and our customer-oriented approach, Lonki has been a valued partner for many years for various sales channels in frozen rabbit (retail, catering companies, wholesalers, meat industry, traders,…) with various products:

  • Whole and cut rabbit
  • Rabbit parts: legs, backs, half fore-ends, shoulders, chops
  • Rabbit meat: fillets, boneless meat from shoulders and legs, abdominal meat
  • Rabbit livers
  • Pet food

Thanks to our wide range and great flexibility in packaging, we can meet almost any customer demand.

All information is available through Nancy van Bogaert

A partner about Lonki Food Group

For our company, Lonki is the right partner to work with. In our business, we insist on good agreements, a clear vision and professional business management. We find all of this in Lonki. Moreover, Lonki is a modern company that constantly tries to innovate. This gives us confidence.

Miranda & Mark Hendriks
Hendriks Rabbit Farm

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