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Legs, backs, chops, fillets or shoulders? Fresh or frozen? At Lonki Food Group, you can get real classics and tailor-made specialties.

Our slaughterhouse meets the most stringent hygiene and environmental requirements. So rest assured: your customers will enjoy tasty and healthy rabbit meat.


We get our lamb directly from Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

We offer fresh and frozen lamb and mutton meat products in various cuts: legs, shoulders, shanks, backs with and without bone, frenched racks …


We distribute fresh beef from Europe, South America, Australia and New Zealand.

We have a wide range of beef and veal: T-bone, rib eye, striploin, fillet, tomahawk, Babytop Hereford, Angus beef, carpaccio, veal crown, double-muscled, filet d’Anvers, shanks …


Frozen pork ribs are one of the top products from our range. We distribute them both cooked and uncooked.

We also offer top-quality frozen pork tenderloins.


Irish cattle get plenty of exercise on their pastures. The result? Deliciously tender meat with an intense flavour.


Chicken and turkey fillets are part of our fresh range.

Our frozen range includes turkey cordon bleu, duck breast, guinea fowl supreme, chicken strips and chicken meatballs.


Looking for fresh or frozen game?

We distribute European game (pheasant, venison, wild boar, roe …) and import from South America (hare) and New Zealand (venison).

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